Genengin Overview

Genengin Pharmaceutical is a relatively newborn company in the pharmaceutical market. Founded in 2011 the company has been providing high quality, affordable medicines trusted by healthcare professionals and patients not only in the domestic market but also worldwide.

Genengin Pharmaceutical has its own manufacturing facility where 200 high qualified and experienced manufacturing chemists and scientists are employed. Moreover, Genengin permanently collaborates with other global pharmaceutical companies and research institutes in order to exchange experience and closely follow the latest achievements and research direction in the field all over the world.

Genengin’s manufacturing facility is equipped by the state-of-the-art laboratory and outstanding generic pipeline. Genengin Pharmaceutical has production capabilities for a wide variety of product types including capsules, tablets, injectables, liquids, semi-solids and special active pharmaceutical ingredients. Biotechnologies is a new segment that the company has begun investing in and is going to extract everything possible from this attractive direction.

Fast growing, the company, has become a high-tech enterprise with independent research and development division and production capability for providing leading innovations and solutions for tomorrow. Company focuses on qualitative product development, specifically on safety and efficiency of the drugs on the target groups.

Genengin Pharmaceutical’s Vision

To make a difference! The company is dedicated to improve people’s lives though its innovative medicines, biologic therapies, vaccines and other products. The company aspires and perspires to operate globally and become the best pharmaceutical company in the world.

Genengin Pharmaceutical’s Mission

To discover, design, develop and provide innovative medicines that will save and improve lives all over the world.

Genengin Pharmaceutical’s Social engagement

The company constantly helps Indian people in need by providing them healthcare products they cannot afford. With particular force that applies to residents of Indian children’s homes. The company collaborates with several orphanages and permanently offers its charitable donations by providing all the required medicines and vaccines.

The company is committed to improve health of people around the whole world, thus it is always open-minded to any opportunities for doing charity work.